TouchDraw by Elevenworks LLC


Content Generation

Platform: iPad

What it does: TouchDraw is a versatile app that allows you to create a range of graphics, charts and images using vector graphics. Vector graphics use basic geometric elements (lines, points, curves, polygons, etc.) to build up images. If you haven’t heard of vector graphics or are familiar with what they do you can check out this good descriptive post here. This is a very power application that allows you to create clean professional images. The desktop platform equivalent would be a program like Visio. You an create charts, icons, logos, tables, flow diagrams, and logic diagrams on the iPad for use across multiple platforms.

Flow Chart created with TouchDraw

Logic Diagram Created with TouchDraw

Why you need it: For anyone who has ever placed a piece of clip art or spent time on Google Images looking for just the right icon, this is the app you need. Say good bye to the days of settling for what you can find and look forward to days of what you can make. I’ve created flow charts, maps, graphics, icons, and graphic text for use in papers, reports, blogs, and presentations, a few examples of which you can see below. The logo for this blog was created using TouchDraw.

Keyboard Icons Created with TouchDraw

What makes it awesome: I don’t expect to mention price as a reason that makes an app awesome very often, but since some people may be hesitant when the app costs $8.99 – the competition costs hundreds of dollars more. If you’re a casual user (i.e. not a graphic designer) investing in a platform product like Visio starts at $249.99 and goes up to $999.99 for a single seat license. SmarDraw, a competitor of Visio, starts at close to $200. When I consider the range of graphics you can create on TouchDraw compared to Visio, $9.99 is one heck of a bargain. Setting price aside – the flexibility of this app and the tools it provides make it a great app to work with. The developer has done a great job of balancing the depth of tools with interface access.

Nearly all of the graphics in the Prezi presentation below were made in TouchDraw. It is a powerful app, that allows you to create custom images quickly and easily.

Where it’s weak: It comes with an app like this – getting to know your way around the interface and tools takes a little time. I personally think they’ve done a great job of creating balance between the two. If you haven’t worked with vector graphics before, it can take a little time and playing round with the app to figure out the best and most effective ways to create the graphics you want. I encourage you not to get frustrated, but to think about the elements that make up the shape you’re looking for.

Info Graphic Created with TouchDraw

5 thoughts on “TouchDraw by Elevenworks LLC

  1. The Prezi isn’t showing up on on WordPress app on iPad. Then again, the Prezi app stalls on opening any presentations for me.

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